Types of Wig

Hi, friends in the wig market, do you know the types of wigs? Now the common types on the market are divided into: mechanism wigs, semi-woven wigs, full-hand made wigs.


burnt orange frontal wig

The so-called mechanism wig means that the entire wig is made by machine. Such wig has poor air permeability, cannot be sewn on the top of the head, and the fidelity is not good. Semi-woven wigs means half machine, half hand made, the hand made area is mainly for the lace area, except for the lace area, other areas are made by machine, this kind of wig is very cost-effective, the lace area can be sewn, and the air permeability is also good. Yes, it has been favored by many customers. The last kind of full-hand made wig, from the point of view of the name, the whole wig is all crocheted manually without the participation of machines. Due to the high labor cost, the price of this kind wig is very expensive. However, there are also many customers who love it. For this product, because of the pure hand hook, it is very comfortable to wear, very realistic, and looks very natural. In a word, there are three kinds of wigs in the market, among which the half-machine wig has the largest demand. This wig is mainly divided into the following types: 13X4 lace front wig, 13X6 lace front wig, 13X4 HD lace wig, 13X6 HD lace wig, 4X4 closure wig, 5X5 closure wig, 6X6 closure wig, the October is coming soon, and the traditional peak season of wig is coming, are you ready?

Post time: Sep-21-2022