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  • T Part wig

    T Part wig

    Friends, for the T part,how many do you know about it? Literally, T part means that the lace area on the top of the head has a letter “T “shape. The common lace area on the market is 13X4X1inch, the lace depth is 4inch, the lace width is 1inch, and the forehead lace area...
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  • Bob wigs

    Bob wigs

    Friends, for the bob wigs,how much do you know about it? First of all, what is a BOB wig? It is a relatively short wig, also known as a shawl wig. It is made on the base of 13X4 lace wig. From the outlook,The most common wig is the middle part. There are also very few cu...
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  • Types of Wig

    Types of Wig

    Hi, friends in the wig market, do you know the types of wigs? Now the common types on the market are divided into: mechanism wigs, semi-woven wigs, full-hand made wigs.   The so-called mechanism wig means that the entire wig is ma...
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  • Types of lace

    Types of lace

    Friends who have just entered hair wig products, how many lace do you know? Let's find out today, the common lace materials on the market now: the ordinary lace , the Swiss lace. ...
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  • Types of Hair Bundles

    Types of Hair Bundles

    Hi ,Friends who have just entered the wig market, do you know the types of hair bundles? First of all, let’s distinguish from color: the most common color of Hair Bundles is #1b color, which is natural color, another common color is #613 color, and there are also special...
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  • Virgin Hair Wigs for Black women

    Virgin Hair Wigs for Black women

    Wigs are very important to black women, as if there is a magic that attracts them at all times, according to the survey, 20-40% of their income is used for beauty and wigs. It can be said that wigs are a rigid need for them. ...
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  • How to use 5X5 lace closure?

    How to use 5X5 lace closure?

    Do you know how customers use 5X5 lace closure? Generally speaking, customers directly purchase finished wigs, but there are also many customers who tend to purchase closure and frontal (5X5 lace closure, 4X4 lace closure, 13X4 lace frontal, 13X6 lace frontal), match hai...
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  • Malaysian hair, Peruvian hair, Brazilian hair

    Malaysian hair, Peruvian hair, Brazilian hair

    What is Malaysian hair, what is Peruvian hair, and what is Brazilian hair? Today, let's take a brief look at these three types of hair. First of all, from the name, Malaysian hair originally came from its own country, Malaysia, which is located in southeastern Asia, clos...
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  • What is European Hair and Indian hair?

    What is European Hair and Indian hair?

    European hair What is European hair? European hair basically comes from Russia, Ukraine and surrounding areas. This kind of hair material is very precious and the best hair material in the world. It's so soft and shiny, it feels like silk to the hand. So where does this ...
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  • The difference between 360 wig and full lace wig?

    The difference between 360 wig and full lace wig?

    what's  the difference between 360 wig and full lace wig? We first look at the names of these two kind wigs, 360 wig, full lace wig, but from the name, 360 wig means 360-degree wig. The full lace wig means that the whole wig is all lace. From the perspective of the mesh ...
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  • what is a hair weft ?

    what is a hair weft ?

    What is a hair weft? Today, let's learn about the hair weft, so what is the hair weft? As we know, the hair weft is the hair weft after the laminating machine, so what is the English name of the hair weft? According to the different usage habits of different customers, h...
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  • Full Lace Wig

    Full Lace Wig

    What is a full lace wig? Compared with other wig, what are its advantages and disadvantages? Today we will learn about the full lace wig. The English name of this kind wig is: FULL LACE WIG, which literally means the wig is all lace. As for this, we look at the structure...
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